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At FERAGGIO we think sustainability is an important trait to have in your business, find out how we try our best to implement sustainability in our production process.

1.Material Inspiration

To get inspired and find new materials for our future collections, we talk to trendwatchers and designers to gain new insights. It is important and exciting for us to familiarize ourselves with what kind of materials you would like to wear. In winter it might be a dark suede, in summer you might prefer a cute canvas.

FERAGGIO Material Inspiration
FERAGGIO Sustainable Alternatives

Sustainable Alternatives

After deciding what kind of materials we need, we look for sustainable options. We negotiate, for instance, with trusted suppliers who want to repurpose fabric and other materials. By working with these materials we prevent the unnecessary waste of quality resources and are still able to make the perfect heel of the highest quality.

Handmade in Europe

We made a conscious decision to exclusively work with European suppliers and factories. Apart from the fact that our craftsmen in Italy and Portugal are extremely talented, they are also closer to us than their American or Asian counterparts. By staying in Europe we try to minimize our CO2 footprint as much as possible with the shopping of your perfect FERAGGIO heel.

FERAGGIO Handmade in Europe
FERAGGIO No Waste Policy

No Waste Policy

We try to minimize the waste in our production process as well. Scraps form fabric and materials are not thrown away. We take these scraps to create unique sample cards, which we in turn use for marketing purposes. Before buying your perfect FERAGGIO you will exactly know what your shoe looks and feels like.


FERAGGIO heels are often used for fashion shoots and runway shows. Instead of throwing the used/damaged products away we restore and clean them. These shoes will then get a new life at Dress for Success. This charity helps people present and style themselves for upcoming job interviews when they themselves might not have the means.

FERAGGIO Repurpose


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