Brand promise

FERAGGIO promises a supreme high quality, a very comfortable elegant heel designed for daily wear.

The perfect heel

It is our strong belief that women should be able to walk on stylish heels all day, every day without compromising on design or comfort. This is why we’ve developed the perfect heel.

Memory foam footbed

The secret of FERAGGIO lies in our exclusively developed memory foam footbed, which is the base of our extremely comfortable fit.

It took us nearly two years to develop, structure and design the perfect memory foam footbed for the FERAGGIO concept, but it was worth the effort.

With every step you take, the memory foam makes sure that the blood under your feet keeps circulating. If the blood keeps circulating, it prevents pain when standing.

On top of that, our well-constructed design with the heel positioned straight under the shoe, gives FERAGGIO heels that powerful look which also contributes to our mission to empower women and give them that beautiful self-confidence they deserve.



We only use the best quality materials in suede and leather for the outer and inner lining, this makes the fit extremely comfortable and soft for your feet.

We highly value craftsmanship. All of our heels are handmade by a team of the best experts in Europe. Each heel has been cut from a single piece of material, resulting in only one seam at the back for ultimate elegance.

To make your heels last a lifetime, we added an iron tip at the bottom of the nose, protecting the leather sole from excessive wear. We developed a special care kit, exclusive for our core collection suede heels and each pair comes with custom-made FERAGGIO shoe trees to sustain the perfect shape of the nose.

We gladly invite you to try on one of our well-constructed FERAGGIO heels. You won’t be disappointed. We promise!


If you want to invest in heels, it better be FERAGGIO

FERAGGIO offers a unique combination of elegance, style and comfort. We promise handmade craftsmanship, a supreme high quality in materials and cushioned comfort footbeds.

Our heels come with the following extras:

  • A unique FERAGGIO Black Box with pull-out drawer
  • A sizeable double shoe bag
  • A pair of specially designed FERAGGIO shoe trees
  • Extra heel tips
  • Extra iron tips

Core collection suede heels also contain the FERAGGIO suede care kit containing:

  • The suede protector spray
  • The water resistent spray
  • A suede stain remover brush
  • A suede and nubuck sponge

You can own a pair of FERAGGIO heels starting from € 365