What's In A Name?

28 December 2018

If you’ve ever started your own company, you know that it’s very important to be meticulous with the details. Especially when it comes to coming up with a name for your brand. After you’ve tackled that part, it’s on to creating a logo. When we started Feraggio, we felt like we needed a font that would be one with longevity. One that stands for timeless elegance. Feminine yet strong. We went through an endless row of possible fonts until our eyes lingered at one named ATC Overlook.


ATC Overlook, was created by Art Director and Designer Alex Sheyn. Created for Avondale Type Co, the foundry that Sheyn helps to run, and also available from Ten Dollar Fonts, the typeface is described as 'a geometric and grotesque fusion, sans-serif font family comprised of over 370+ glyphs in seven weights and 14 styles. ATC Overlook is a clean, versatile font with modern sensibilities and a dash of character'.


That last sentence describing the feel of the font was exactly what Feraggio is: A versatile pair of heels with modern sensibilities and a dash of character.