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“My mother is a strong woman with a firm work ethic"

05 June 2019

When Vi Nguyen entered Parc Broekhuizen with her mother and grandparents, it was obvious how unique this family is.

Vi Nguyen Groningen Marketing Vietnam Vietnamese Asian Daughter Generations Gala Dress Feraggio Parc Broekhuizen Parcbroekhuizen

Her grandmother and grandfather are in Holland for a few weeks as they normally live in Vietnam.

Vi Nguyen Vietnam Vietnamese Grandparents Three Generations Feraggio Mother Grandmother Parc Broekhuizen

Vi did not grow up in Vietnam. She was born in Drachten, Friesland, spend the first four years of her life in Oosterwolde before moving to Groningen where she grew up. Groningen was already a big city for her parents compared to Oosterwolde. Vi’s mother and her husband lived in Czech Republic and Germany for quite a while, so the holidays were mainly traveling there to be with friends.

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“As a toddler, I was always playing in the garden and picking strawberries and of course eating them” Vi remembers. Daydreaming during her teens was focused on starting and having her own fashion magazine and her own fashion brand. But instead of choosing a study in fashion, she decided to dive into Commercial Economics study to get a broad perspective and stable base to build on. Nowadays she is a successful Digital Marketing Consultant at Storm Digital. Storm Digital is one of the biggest (and the most fun) online marketing agencies with a strong focus on data management, audience insights, programmatic marketing, and content & creation. They strategically advise various types of organizations, such as KLM and SuitSupply, for their digital marketing in any way. Vi manages advertising campaigns for clients such as KLM, Hallmark, Rituals, and Hunkemöller.

Because she works in Amsterdam and Groningen, she sees her mom very often. “My mother is a strong woman with a firm work ethic, I love that about her,” “I also love her altruism, making sure that all her loved ones have a wonderful life.”

Parc Broekhuizen Leersum Vi Nguyen Family Vietnamese vietnam asian thee generations classic feraggio highheels stilettos pumps ancient comfort campaign pitchblack fabulous

Vi did not grow up with her grandmother. When her parents came to the Netherlands, they were kind of ‘adopted’ by people that offered help, love, and support. She also calls them, her grandfathers and grandmothers. But although her actual grandmother was not often in her life, for her, it does feel like her grandmother!

Vi Nguyen make-up visagie grime parc broekhuizen parcbroekhuizen asian vietnam vietnamese feraggio

“People always see me as sweet, cute, and gentle, but if you knew me, you would know I am a feisty one, yet in a positive way.” When asked about her ambitions, she answers: “Pooh, a lot! In terms of work, I would like to learn and grow”.

Asked what she is most proud of: “I have a positive attitude as a person, am proud that I can make choices for myself and be happy with that. Maybe it sounds silly, but in today's world with all the social media, you can easily lose yourself when you constantly compare yourself to others.” 

Vi Nguyen Family Three Generations mothers daughters feraggio vietnam vietnamese parc broekhuizen parcbroekhuizen highheels campaign pitchblack pumps stilettos shadowplay

And proud she can certainly be as far as we are concerned. We experienced Vi as one of the powerful women we believe in here at FERAGGIO. She knows what she wants and what she wants out of life, and she makes it happen.

Seeing her and her family wearing FERAGGIO, was like a dream come true.


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