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Summer in Paris

06 June 2019

Shooting in Paris is a treat. So many locations to use; almost every corner is suitable. We chose Île Saint-Louis where we landed on the corner of Rue des Deux Ponts and Quai de Bethune with our huge yellow production camper.


paris france french rue des deux ponts quai de bethune ile saint-louis city capital fashion feraggio

The view on island Île Saint-Louis.

Luckily we had our local production guy who made sure that everywhere we went, we would have a parking spot for the 30 footer. Else it would be impossible to maneuver quickly around town.

yellow van paris production car styling team shoot photoshoot fashion feraggio

Our big yellow van, just big enough to carry us and all of the styling.

Stylists are all busy putting together the first look, together with hair and make-up all hands-on with our fabulous model, Isabel Deprince, who already is a natural beauty. 

makeup hair styling accessories van collection gold silver feraggio heels

A little peak into Charissa's styling for the weekend in Paris.

Isabel is Belgian, living in Paris already for years. She speaks Flemish what to us Dutch people sounds like Dutch with a friendly, more lovely accent. She is delightful, even at six in the morning when starting with the first look catching the morning sun.

isabel deprince isabeldeprince model lady female femalemodel paris france feraggio checkmate morningsun city capital

First shot in Checkmate Black, catching the morning sun.

A crew, all together around 11 in total, all strangers to each other, always have to get used to each other first, but in this case, it only took a minute to dive in. It wasn't long before the driver made jokes with the stylists, our Dutch photographer, Eric van den Elsen and his Parisian assistant Maya Zardi were on the same page. Our French production guy Fabien tried to chat up our model and Joep, and I was hanging at the local café bar corner ‘sippin’ espressos pretending to live around the corner.

isabel de prince isabeldeprince paris france denimdash denim dash blueheels blue lightblue feraggio pumps highheels stilettos classic summer campaignshoot campaign shoecampaign

Isabel in Denim Dash heels and a flowy summer dress for FERAGGIO.

Next stop was a shot at “Berthillon” on the corner of Rue Saint Louis en L’ Île and Ruse des Deux Ponts. Berthillon is a family owned café with a long-standing tradition of making the best sorbet ice in Europe. More than 70 different flavors made from milk, cream, sugar, fresh eggs and natural perfume like cocoa butter, vanilla sticks etcetera. Be sure to taste the special blends such as caramel pear, mocha tiramisu, or chocolate mandarin.


isabel deprince isabeldeprince model lady female femalemodel paris france feraggio checkmate morningsun city capital berthillon

Isabel wearing our Lean Leopard FERAGGIO heels at the Berthillon.

Of course whatever happens and whatever you are doing, never skip lunch, especially when in Paris. Luckily in Paris, you can expect a tasty meal at every local street restaurant. Some of my best memories in Paris will come from having lunch or dinner. From the Salade Niçoise, you can have at any bar to “le steak-frites”, the French classic.

cat joaodeprince bengaljojo famouscat cat bengal isabeldeprince isabel de prince model female paris belgianmodel flemish french capital fashion feraggio champagnevelvet velvet stairs

João de Prince, posing for FERAGGIO, between some Champagne Velvet heels.

I have to admit, for a shoot day, we overdid our lunch episode. Our gorgeous Isabel was explaining how she lived in Paris just across the ‘Pont de la Tournelle’ at Boulevard Saint-Germain.

Living together with her cat João Deprince with whom she frequently goes for a walk, outside in the street. And don’t ask me who asked but the next minute she was out the door to get João. No more then 15 minutes later she arrived whit her amazing cat in her arms. Not in a basket or a tote, just in her arms. So, of course, we could not resist getting a few shots with her and João. And believe it or not, he will be as famous as her. He's a rising star on Instagram already! 


isabeldeprince isabel deprince prince cat animalfriend feraggio highheels pumps stilettos joaodeprince joao bengaljojo bengal friends paris france photoshoot

Isabel and her famous cat João de Prince.

The afternoon was all focused on shooting in and around the ‘Louvre – Tuileries’. The gorgeous park ‘Jardin des Tuileries’ is one of the most relaxing places to spend your afternoon, especially when the weather is warm and the afternoons get muggy.

jardin de tuileries jardindetuileries louvre paris france model isabeldeprince isabel de prince parc reading feraggio pumps highheels stilettos

Relaxing in Jardin des Tuileries, in Frost Velvet FERAGGIO heels.

We attracted quite a large audience of tourists while shooting our Bon Breton and Champagne Velvet. A crowd of tourists did not want to miss a thing and were struggling with their camera's and iPhones to record every move Isabel made. Our Fabian was busy making sure that no one would step in the frame.


isabel deprince isabeldeprince model lady female femalemodel paris france feraggio checkmate morningsun city capital jardindetuileries jardin de tuileries louvre feraggio pumps highheels stilettos

Stepping off the pavement bigtime, in FERAGGIO Champagne Velvet.

The next morning we woke up to a yet another beautiful day in sunny Paris. Starting at 6 AM near the iconic Eiffel Tower feeling the morning dew. Soon we had a perfect shot and made our way to the 9th Arrondissement in the little streets between Rochechouart and Saint-George. At the foot of Montmartre, it is a delight to see Paris wake up.

isabel de prince isabeldeprince eiffeltower eiffel paris france model female walking redorange feraggio pumps highheels stilettos rochechouart saint-george montmartre

Isabel walking on Red Orange FERAGGIO heels near the Eiffel Tower.

One of our favorite neighborhoods in Paris, the cluster of streets around the Rue des Martyrs, has led the rebirth of food in Paris with newcomers Rose Bakery, Le Bal Cafe, Le Pantruche and Cafe KB. On the edge of rowdy Pigalle and ‘bobo’ Montmartre, it’s a relaxed neighborhood with enough attitude. Don’t miss Gals Rock a music store dedicated to chic(k) rock, where you can hang on the couch, drink tea, and listen to your requests.

We had lunch at the ever so romantic Hotel L’Amour where we also shot the last few scenes in one of their beautiful suites.  

Hotel L'Amour is located at Rue de Navarin. Cute and romantic at the tail end of Montmartre’s red light district. Hotel l’Amour is a love hotel that starts with a reasonable price tag. They have done a very good job at recreating this very special nostalgic ambiance that people love about Paris: the wood panels, the bar zinc, the retro chairs – walking into its foyer is like stepping back in time. The terrasse of the restaurant on a hot day, it’s quiet and cool and a gorgeous place to have breakfast. The rooms have been done up in a more modern ‘sexy chic’ style, with a love, sex & rock’n'roll vibe. Each room has been designed by a different contemporary artist – and they all vary in size and style.

hotel amour paris france isabel isabeldeprince feraggio heels feraggioheels bellebardot brigitte bardot brigittebardot chanel chanelprint pink france pumps stilettos

Our new design, Belle Bardot, coming through a romantic window of Hotel L'Amour.

What a fantastic way to end our successful FERAGGIO shoot.

Thanks, Paris, it has been a blast. We will certainly come back some day.


Special thanks to Eric van der Elsen, Charissa Hoogerheijde, Maya Zardi, Joep Maasdam, Fabien Jallot and of course our dazzling natural beauty Isabel de Prince.


À bientôt,



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