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Purple Rain, Purple Rain...

08 February 2019

by Marco Patrizi


Purple means power and prestige, mystery and fascination, passion and revolution and more importantly, it means everything we cannot name.


Purple has always charmed mankind, aroused and intrigued by an inexplicable mix of mysticism, elegance, and reverence. No color is capable of both talking to people and about them such as Purple, an intimate friend of the heart and connoisseur of the soul. Pop and regal at the same time, like a diva.

Marilyn Monroe in a light purple dress. 

Light tones of Purple evoke romance and energy. Darker shades of Purple may inspire gloomy feelings and reflection, re-joining its more mystic and inner dialogue with us.

Audrey Hepburn in a purple skirt suit.

Between Aristocracy and Hollywood, Purple painted the flag of social change. In 1908, Emmeline Pethick – Lawrence defined suffragettes’ colors: white for pureness, green for hope and purple representing loyalty and dignity. This color then became the symbol of the women’s liberation movement in 1970 as a thankful tribute.

Original ticket for 1908 Procession campaigning for women's right to vote.

No wonder that Purple, which is a mysterious romance of tones, conflicting and perfect, in the ’80s was able to clothe the body of a counterculture that reshaped and revolutionized the conceptions of love, vogue, sex and life itself.

Madonna in a purple outfit, 80's.

Purple is a blue blood, close and distant at the same time, a sanctuary, sacred and profane. It talks to us about ancestral feelings and discoveries. Purple is boundaries falling, a non-symbol, pure taboo. 

Prince performing "Purple Rain", Super Bowl XLI halftime show, February 4, 2007.

Purple is both a passion and the remembrance of it. Purple is the rain falling on days that are changing, when “it’s time we all reach out for something new.” Purple is the rain falling on us, while we’re laughing underneath.


Feraggio wants to pay tribute to this color proposing to the world its own vision. We believe that Purple can touch the human soul in an inspiring and inscrutable way and we felt the need to dive into this mystery. Purple means power and prestige, mystery and fascination, passion and revolution and more importantly, it means everything we cannot name.


We are proud to show you the perception we had of this enigmatic muse. We listened to its past with reverence, touched the present and balanced delicate alchemy to sense the future. This is our question and our answer. This is Purple for you to wear, to be, by us.


As of today we will be celebrating our ‘Feraggio Purple Rain Collection’, so check it out.

Feraggio Purple Rain - 10 cm / 4 inch.


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