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FERAGGIO boasts many publications. The heels are featured in different iconic magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Jan, Nouveau, Volkskrant Magazine, &C, Beau Monde, Elegance, Vrouw Glossy and Linda Magazine. Many times they appear on the cover, worn by illustrious personalities, such as Linda de Mol in her own magazine. Talented stylists such as Hanna Suurland and Graziella Ferraro love Feraggios and consider them the perfect touch to an iconic outfit.

Linda 2020 March Polka Yellow FERAGGIO

Grazia 2020 March Ultra Violet FERAGGIO

Veronica 2020 January Jennifer Hoffman Ultra Violet FERAGGIO

Gooisch 2020 March Scarlet Red FERAGGIO

Nouveau 2020 March Dionne Stax Fuchsia Velvet FERAGGIO

Vrouw Glossy 2020 March Braided Black FERAGGIO

Veronica 2020 March Lemon Yellow FERAGGIO

Mirror Mirror 2019 Faux Fur FERAGGIO

Leven 2020 January Anne-marie van Leggelo Deep Black FERAGGIO

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