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Timeless elegance, forever perfect

16 April 2019

Daughters and mothers together for a day, telling a story of unconditional love and sheer beauty: ageless, timeless. Three different families allowed us to catch their beauty and their love for each other, which inspired us in a vision through age and style.

It was beautiful to observe those inspiring women, as individuals and together, feeling so confident with their families around them during the day. No matter if shy or fearless… serene while letting the makeup artist dare with brave and shocking choices and finally exposing their natural-born confidence, energy, and vibe while in front of the camera.

Our models, daughters, and mothers, clearly move the focus away from differences in age in a timeless image of beauty and love. Beautiful, strong, at ease together.

Our families shared their thoughts with us while having their make-up done: “despite being deep and dark,” Vi believes “Black stays feminine and classy.”

Our ageless FERAGGIOs match every outfit and wearing them in black is always an excellent choice, so that is why we made so many variations for you to wear, in pitch black.

Suede in deep black for any occasion, black leather as an essential, black glitter to put some more spunk to your ensemble, black embossed croco as the new elegant and the checkmate black as a classic gorgeous edition added.

Back to Black! No uncertainty, we are pretty confident about our black FERAGGIO collection. That is why we are emphasizing the entire collection in our ‘Pitch Black’ campaign.

Discover FERAGGIO’s shades of black yourself. Glamour as the night, to make a celebration of your day.

Black, by FERAGGIO, for you.


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