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Let's support Pink Ribbon 2019!

19 September 2019

We are honored to be part of the Pink Ribbon campaign 2019 as we did last year! With our special Pink Ribbon FERAGGIO version in candy pink velvet.

These heels will undoubtedly make an impact when styled with a gorgeous outfit or any outfit. FERAGGIO will donate 100 euro from every Pink Ribbon FERAGGIO pair to support the organization. 

pink ribbon charity goedendoel 2019 roze

Modeling our special Pink Ribbon Heels 


Juliette de Vries, Founder & CEO of FERAGGIO:

"We all have someone very nearby that lost the battle. In my case, it is my mother. At the early age of 35, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. My father worked at KLM, often not home to take care of us kids so, at times, my brother and I almost raised each other."

feraggio pink ribbon 2019 charity goeden doel roze pink

Pink Ribbon Velvet for our Pink Ribbon campaign.  


"She overcame a double mastectomy, survived radiation and chemotherapy and made it her life cause to help other breast cancer patients. Visiting women in the hospital directly after surgery to encourage them by saying: ‘It will be okay, look at me, I did it so can you’. She made it her goal to make life better for these women by advising on breast prosthesis, collaborating with swimsuit companies in designing adjusted bathing suits, lecturing nurses, and doctors on their bedside manners."

Pink Ribbon Velvet available in 10 & 7.5 CM


"In the end, in her late seventies, she finally did lose the ‘cancer battle’ in what ultimately resulted in pancreatic cancer. The one you will never overcome. Although she had many treatments in her life and spent more time in hospitals, then everybody I know, she always knew she was living on borrowed time.

Due to my mother's ‘career,’ I met so many brave, courageous women that made me proud to be a woman — knowing that we women are the ones that can do it all in life.       

Pink Ribbon Velvet available in 10 & 7.5 CM


Stories like these are why we at FERAGGIO support causes like Pink Ribbon.

Let's support Pink Ribbon with us!

We donate a €100 per every sold Pink Ribbon pair of heels that are specially designed for the charity. 


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