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Packing for Summer

16 July 2018

Good Day Feraggio Fans!

Team Feraggio would like to welcome you aboard. Thank you for being on this journey with us.

Our name is Feraggio and we’re here to make sure your Feraggio heels arrive safe and sound to your destination of choice.

Please take a moment to look and read through our Feraggio safety manual. It shows you the equipment necessary to prevent the shoes from damage in an unfortunate situation.

Preventing your heels from major damage & scarring.

Take the single black shoe bags and place the heels within. This will cover and protect them from any damage due to items scratching against each other during the likely event of your luggage being handled roughly. Make sure that your shoes are placed within the single shoe bags as illustrated above. The specific placement will ensure the most protection when stacked in between other suitcases. Place the heels facing the sides.

Preventing the nose of your heels from major damage & dents.

Wear your Feraggio heels while packing other belongings for the trip. Remove your heels and make sure they’s still ‘warm’. Carefully insert the Feraggio Shoe Trees. Remove right after your arrival.

Feraggio packing

In the event of using the larger double shoe bag

Place the shoes as illustrated above. This prevents the heels from possible damage to one another.

In the event of not being equipped with the feraggio shoe trees

Gently fill the nose of your heels with socks or any moderately thick piece of fabric to secure the nose from major damage and dents.

We hope you enjoy the trip to your destination of choice. You’ll be approaching soon. Lots of sun and good times have been forecasted for the upcoming days. Thank you for choosing Feraggio and we hope to see you again!


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