Never Out Of Style

29 December 2018

16th Century Milanese Chopines

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, once upon a time ‘elevated footwear’ came into existence in ancient civilizations. It was a time when heels were worn by both women and men. In Egypt, high heels were mostly worn by those from the upper class. In Greece, they appeared on actors when performing during open theater shows. Rome was where they could be found on prostitute slaves.


King Louis XIV of France

During the Renaissance high heels were a symbol of wealth. At one point of time, they were so high, that those who wore them had to step on a stool with servants by their side, to be able to step into the heels. At the reign of the French King Louis XIV, he ordered that no one was allowed to enter the royal premises wearing red heels. As he was the only one allowed to do so. After the 1850s high heels became a staple in women’s fashion and evolved to how we view them today.  

Feraggio Ad Campaign

The Feraggio heels style is by far one of the most popular heels - they never go out of style. From the pointed toe to the elegantly thin heel, these heels have been and will forever be one of the most iconic heels around. Making Feraggios a great long-term investment for your closet.


So go ahead and treat yourself!