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NEON and You: Wearing and Pairing

08 November 2019

With our NEON campaign we want to encourage women to be bold and have confidence. Wearing a popping color might be intimidating. It might be hard to pair a Lemon yellow heel, or is it? Whether it is because you feel shy, or unsure if the color suits you, every hurdle can be overcome. We are here to help you!

model with heels in office

Fashion is a way to express yourself and color is a big part of that. Color invokes feelings in people, and thus contains a lot of (cultural) meaning. Red, for instance, is the color of extremes, it can signify love and hate. It is definitely a color for a fashion statement (think of the classic Chanel lipstick). Blue is more classic and calm, and symbolizes healing and good health. If you are in a more muted mood, but still want to pop, indigo might be a good choice for you. Trust your instincts and pick a color from our NEON campaign, we are sure it will suit you. If you feel joyful pick yellow if you feel funky dare to put on purple. Conquer those colors and show off who you are.

rainbow heels

To properly arm you for this color-conquest, because we understand that bright colors might be daunting, we have some tips for you from make-up to clothes. Also, keep an eye on our social media where we post outfit inspiration two times a week. The best judge of what suits you is, of course, you but here are some examples, based on seasonal types, to draw inspiration from.

Spring: women who are spring-types tend to have warm tones, but light hair colors. They have light eyes (think blue, grey, auburn or green) and light skin with warm undertones. Shoes that will put a spring in your step will be Jade Green, Acid Green, and Indigo Blue. 

indigo blue heels

Summer: women who are summer-types have a similar profile to spring, however, their features possess cool undertones. Often times summer-types have blue or green/greyish eyes. Wear Purple Rain or Indigo Blue to make your eyes pop.   

purple heels

Fall: the fall type is the darker sister of spring. You have warm undertones, your hair is brown and your eyes are green/hazel. Scarlet Red, Tangerine Orange, and Jade Green will truly make you the boss lady that we all know you are.    

red heel

Winter: women who are winter-types have a cool (almost) blue undertone and very dark hair. Bright colors suit you best. Lucky you, everything in our NEON collection will make you look amazing! You can embrace these bright colors.

yellow heels

Still not sure which color clothes you should pair your FERAGGIO heels with? Be sure to also look at our Facebook posts every Wednesday, where we give you a quick overview of which colors tend to play nice with each other.

Finally, make-up. If your skin has warm undertones definitely use make-up that has orange undertones. They will highlight your natural warmth. For instance, a coral lipstick, burgundy/brown eyeshadow, and peachy blush will make for a gorgeous look. Skin with a cool undertone, you can guess it, prefers cool-toned make-up. Combine rosey-champagne colors with a deep dark brown, for instance. Finally, if you have a more neutral skin tone go for muted colors instead of its bright counterpart. The only exception to this rule is red. No one ever complained about a beautiful bold red lip. 

carlijn jacobs vogue neon collection fashion feraggio

Now that you have the necessary tools you can conquer the world with amazing colors. Never be afraid to wear something bright that reflects who you are, never apologize for being unique and colorful. We at FERAGGIO hope you will enjoy color as much as we do.