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Margherita - My experience at Feraggio

09 July 2020

 by Margherita Perrone


I am Margherita from Italy and I moved to Amsterdam almost two years ago, after being selected for an Accessories Design internship at KARL LAGERFELD. Since the first day, I fell in love with this city and met special people who became my second family; considering also the different job opportunities that this city offers, I decided to stay, and I am now more than happy to be a ‘Creative Intern’ at FERAGGIO!

I studied ‘Fashion Design’ at the Polytechnic University of Milan. I had three years of hard study, during which I did not have to deal only with pencils, fabrics and creative projects but also with mathematical equations, notions of chemistry, and properties of physics. Not surprisingly, my first exam was to find out the exact physics calculations in order to engineer a high-heeled shoe that could stand up without a heel! 

It is not a coincidence that I am here now working for FERAGGIO: since I gained this very technical point of view, I know that when designing a product it is not only aesthetics that counts, but above all functionality. And what is more functional than an elegant pair of heels that you can wear all day without feeling pain?

When I finished my internship at KARL LAGERFELD, I was very happy about my design experience, but since I was just at the beginning of my career, I wanted to explore other working areas within the fashion industry, before deciding which path to take. I also had marketing courses at university, which fascinated me a lot; when I found the internship announcement at FERAGGIO, I immediately thought that it could be the best opportunity to experience the field of marketing and communication. The internship seemed, indeed, very complete and it was underlined the fact that special importance was given to the creative initiative of the intern: this is precisely what prompted me to apply. 

At FERAGGIO I am learning A LOT! Another reason that led me to carry out this work experience here is the fact that it is a small and young enterprise. I have always been fascinated by entrepreneurship, so I am very grateful to have the opportunity to see up close how things work in a start-up. Furthermore, I appreciate having different responsibilities: copywriting, social media engagement, and design again! This gave me the opportunity to experience the working environment of fashion at 360 degrees and to understand what I really like to do more. Here I am not 'just an intern', but I have the opportunity to put my own creative ideas into practice!

From my side, I believe that the potential that I add to the company is my multifaceted vision and knowledge, where my design experience is now mixed with social media marketing and copywriting. But not only: during the first evaluation meeting, I was very glad to hear that my general knowledge - about history, languages, psychology and philosophy - is a strong addition to the FERAGGIO team! I have always thought that it is important to enrich my own general knowledge, not only the one related to my own field of work, because sometimes even from a discipline apparently so off-topic as Latin literature you can find inspiration for the perfect advertising caption for a fashion brand!

I love working together with the energic FERAGGIO team! The people employed in this company really know the value of gratitude; they respect and never forget to appreciate the time and energy you devote to them. And they love to toast to the end of another successful week with a glass of wine and delicious snacks! I hope that I also offer to them fun and lighthearted moments by my Italian way of doing and my obsession with horses.

In Italy we use to say: “Non vorrei fare una sviolinata”, that means “I don’t want to play the violin” in the meaning that I don’t want to make a speech just to flatter, but truly FERAGGIO is the right place where to grow… and glowYou have the opportunity to enrich your knowledge and skills in a fast-growing company with an international reach, to enjoy the city of Amsterdam, to joke with a fantastic team, to caress sweet cats and to wear fabulous and comfy pairs of heels... There are not many internships that offer all this!


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