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Lean Leopard & its multiple personalities

13 July 2018

The symbolization of leopards ranged from sleek and poised to mysterious and vicious – elements that many female icons throughout history have used to express certain aspects of their personalities. It was only a matter of time before Feraggio would dive into the world of prints. And what better way to start than with the ever so iconic one: Lean Leopard.

Here’s a little timeline showcasing Lean Leopard and its multiple personalities.


Gene Tierney in the 1940’s

The movie star

Even though there have been records of leopard print being worn throughout centuries, fashion as we know it today, lovingly embraced the print from the 1920’s throughout the 1940’s. It was due to movie stars like Joan Crawford and Marion Nixon that textile companies began to mass produce whatever leopard print-clad outfit they wore. It was a post-war celebration of the return of fashion and its glamorous ways of life. In some rare cases that entailed owning a pet leopard.


Designed by Christian Dior in 1953

The trophy wife

During the 1950’s and 1960’s, wearing a real leopard pelt coat was a symbol of a ‘Trophy Wife’. However, that quickly disappeared once animal activists started anti-fur campaigns. Christian Dior was one of the very first designers to use leopard print (not the actual fur) in his collections heavily inspired by his muse Madame Mitzvah Bricard. She was a woman of mystery and said to have lived only for elegance. Some say she might have been a courtesan, others thought she might have been a Russian Princess in disguise, obsessed and often dressed in leopard print.


Grace Jones by Bart Hess in 1978

The princess of pop

 The 1970’s and 1980’s brought around a more fierce nature of the leopard print. One that was more reminiscent of the animal itself. Women in Rock and Pop started wearing the print to exemplify their character. Artists such as Debbie Harry and Grace Jones were known to love wearing the design while performing and making appearances. Giving the print a more powerful and energetic character.

Lean leopard

Lean Leopard by Feraggio in 2018

An icon

It is today that leopard print has become one of the most iconic prints to date, which is why we thought it was only fair to launch our Lean Leopard as one of our very first Feraggio Special Edition Heels.

Available July 17th, 2018.

Save the date!


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