It's A Wrap

02 January 2019

If you have purchased a pair of Feraggios. The wrapping paper pictured above will seem familiar to you. Did you know that people experience more joy unwrapping a gift vs. just receiving a gift that isn't wrapped? It's that feeling of excitement and not knowing what lies behind. 

Besides the fact that we know wrapping paper will bring you that much more joy when it comes to receiving your Feraggios, there's another fun thing we added to this experience. 
We’re rather meticulous when it comes to every single detail regarding Feraggio. From the Inox Iron Tip to the wrapping paper that covers the inside of the Feraggio Black Box when you purchase a brand-new pair of Feraggio heels. 

If you take a closer look, you’ll see that the wrapping paper is covered with the ‘Infinity’ symbol. A shape that resembles the number 8 flipped over a 90° degree angle with no beginning and no end. Allowing it to flow forever.


This is a subliminal message that stands for the infinite quality of our heels. A timeless design that can be worn on every single occasion, from day to night, all year long.


Here’s to forever!