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"I look up to my mother and all women"

27 May 2019

For FERAGGIO’s Pitch Black campaign, Dutch entrepeneur and mother Mirjam Vis shared her unconditional love for mother and daughter in the magical environment of Parc Broekhuizen.

Mirjam Vis entrepeneur Feraggio heels Re-Job women

"I grew up in Drachten - Friesland - near the water. So sailing and ice-skating was the primary fun way to spend my time during the day with lots of friends."

"Being a toddler, I made a scene when my mom did not let me wear the Ariana Grande ponytail… only when I would wear the tiny vest, the one she liked so much on me. That’s when I learned to negotiate. It served me well throughout the years."

"As a teen, I did not really have a structured plan for the future, as I still don’t. I always take life as it comes."

peacock parc broekhuizen pitch black beautiful animal colorful

"When it was time to study, I moved to Groningen, where I met my husband. Later we moved to Amsterdam, together. Although we loved it there, then we moved to Laren 28 years ago. Laren is characteristic, and we love it. My mother lives very nearby, and we are the best of friends."

"I admire my mother, Ina for the strong positive women that she is. She is a very active tennis fanatic despite her age, and that keeps her both young and healthy. We are all very fond of her. I always enjoy our shopping and tennis times with her. Of course, she loves her grandchildren and supports everything they all do."

Black glitter feraggio rainbow closeup macro photography leather luxury

"I look up to my mother and all women. In my work, having my own company called Re-Job, we focus on women that are re-entering the job market. We are helping them to get back to work, emphasizing their skills and talents as well as educating clients to on this group of work eager women ready to dive in."

Merel Vis Mirjam Parc Broekhuizen Black and White Feraggio Pitch Black Heels Glitter

"My kids, Merel, Iris, and Hugo, nowadays spread their wings to Seattle, London, and Rotterdam. Me and my husband, Edward, are moving to Blaricum this summer to a new house with an amazing view."

Parc Broekhuizen Mirjam Vis mother daughter mothersday three generations

"Being happily married to the most wonderful man in the world, having successful kids, two lovely Labradors, a great job and being busy with our new house… life does not get any better than this."

"FERAGGIO heels; I already own a few pair. I love them for work and love them to dress up. Honestly, I could fill up my closet with FERAGGIOs. Wearing them in black is perfect in every context: it’s simple and doesn’t distract."

"Black has no rules, and it’s always a good choice."


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