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Heel Heights for every occasion

10 August 2018

We’d like to start this blog by saying that we are firm believers in the fact that you should make your own rules and live by them as you please. However, it’s always nice to read up on some general guidelines and thoughts in order to formulate your own.

Checkmate Blue

Deciding what to wear to a  job interview?

This is one of the most searched for topics when it comes to heels. According to many, around 7 to 8 cm heels are your best option. It elongates your posture and gives you a slight bit of extra height without drawing too much attention to yourself. Nowadays flats are acceptable too. However, it all depends on the company culture since some offices consider heels more professional than flats. Once you land the job, you can always switch to 10 cm ;)

Whisper White & Sweet Pink

Deciding what to wear to a wedding?

You might be standing for hours during a ceremony, waiting in line at the buffet and dancing the night away to celebrate a loved one’s union. If you’re not an avid 10 cm fanatic, we would advise you to go for 7.5 cm, to stay more comfortable during the unforgettable day. However, if you love heels to be high, higher, highest, Feraggios 10 cm will be your best friend until the end. Our exclusive cushioned footbed using memory foam will make you feel as light as a feather.

Deciding what to wear to a dinner party?

Most dinner parties are a sit-down event with the occasional moment of standing while you mingle with fellow guests. If you love to make an entrance, we would say: Go for 10 cm Feraggio! Besides the fact that they are extremely comfortable, it’s the best heel height to stand tall and make a statement. Enough said.


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