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Happy Wife Happy Life

06 December 2018

.....as the old saying goes. Whether it's the truth or not, Feraggio study shows that 99.9% of the women who receive a pair of Feraggios as a gift are extremely happy with it (0.1% is unhappy because you didn't get their heel size right).

To make sure your wife belongs to the 99.9% we have a cheat sheet for you:


This is the best place to start. Take a peek into her closet to see which color shoes she has. Do you see an assortment of light pink, blues, and creamy whites? Take a look at our Sweet Pink, BlueJeans Blue, Wet Sand or Champagne Velvet.

Do you see a lot of bright colors like red, pink, yellow, orange and glitter? How about Scarlet Red, Pink Ribbon Velvet, Lemon Yellow, Tangerine Orange or Silver Glitter?

For the woman who has darker tones in her closet, like burgundy, dark green, brown and black. You might make her very happy with our Grape Red, Army Green, Strong Espresso or Business Black Leather?

Left: 10 cm (4 inch)  Right: 7.5 cm (3 inch)


Each woman favors a certain heel height. At Feraggio we offer two of the most common heel heights: 7.5 cm (3 inch) & 10 cm (4 inch). Take a measuring tape to see what size heels she has in order for you to determine what she would like. If you see both heel heights, decide what you would like to see her wear ;)


Feraggio heels run small, so you’re better off ordering half a size up. If you see that your love has an EU size 39 heels in her closet, go for the Feraggio size 39.5. Make sure you see what size she wears in heels as opposed to flats or sneakers! Usually they are different from one another.



You can always keep your perfect gift a secret by getting them delivered to your office. Are you still afraid that she might not like them? We can always extend the Return & Exchange period for your and her convenience.


We know it takes a few steps to get her what she wants, but that smile when she opens the Feraggio Black Box will make it all worthwhile! If you need any extra assistance, we'll be more than happy to please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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