23 October 2018

Denim, a fabric that many love and own. It ages beautifully and is in a way, a reflection of your lifestyle. The spots where the fabric fades, frays and rips are souvenirs from your everyday life. Evolving into a personal product with a distinctive look & feel. These are unique characteristics, but at the same time, it does limit the possibilities...

When we partnered up with Denim Days, we were extremely excited to collaborate on an exclusive pair of Feraggio x Denim Days x Japan Blue Co. And not just any regular type of denim, we’ll be debuting the highly innovative Japanese Shin Denim created by Japan Blue Co. It’s three times stronger, doesn’t fade as quickly and has been environmentally friendly produced.

Our Dark Denim Feraggios are available for pre-order and we’ll be debuting the Shin Denim Feraggios during the Amsterdam Denim Days Festival 22 – 28 October.

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on these game-changing Feraggios NOW