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Feraggio travel guide paris

25 May 2018

Oh Paris, besides being the obvious city of love, you have oh so much to offer. This weekend we'll be spending our time roaming around the city to create our new Feraggio campaign. Here's a little Feraggio Paris Travel Guide to give you some inspiration for a Parisian weekend getaway.

HÔTEL GRAND AMOUR is by far one of our favorite hotels to stay at while visiting Paris. This boutique hotel is located in the Faubourg St-Denis area in the 10th arrondissement. The hotel was created by the graffiti artist Andre Sarraiva. He wanted to create a place that was different from regular hotels and all the hotel related things he hated. In the event that your room isn't ready for an early check-in, Hôtel Grand Amour lets you store your luggage and freshen  yourself up in separate shower rooms so you can  go out and discover the city already. Don't let the colorful aesthetic fool you, it's not quite the child-friendly place due to a lot of "love" related references throughout the hotel.


Scarlet Red

CAFÉ DE FLORE is a classic Parisian café that instantly makes us feel like we're in Paris. Definitely stop by to have a Caffe Latte and a croissant to set your mood. Saint-Germain is quite close, as is Ladurée, so it's the perfect spot to start your day or take a break in between. PS; the café is definitely picture-worthy - in case you love to document your travels.

Cafe de Flore

Caffe Latte

LE JARDIN DES SERRES D'AUTEUIL is a hidden gem when it comes to the beautiful gardens Paris has to offer. This specific one opened in 1895 and was a place where plants were cultivated. Only to be placed elsewhere in Parisian parks and public spaces right after. As of today it has orchids and begonias on display depending on the season. They have a balmy tropical area with palms, birds and Japanese ornamental carp.


Classic Taupe

OFFICINE UNIVERSELLE BULLY is definitely worth your time if you'd like to see what beauty brands looked like in 1803. The brand itself disappeared many many years ago but the origins were  reintroduced to the world just 3 years ago. The products have been reproduced with as good as identical ingredients which has led to a huge range of products without silicons and other contemporary beauty toxins. The packaging is exceptionally beautiful and definitely gift-worthy in case you're looking for souvenirs to take home.

Officin Bully

Denim Dash

Image credit: Hôtel Grand Amour, Officine Bully Universelle,  damselindior.com, thisisglamorous.com.


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