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Feraggio Muse Cindy Crawford

05 June 2018

Cindy Crawford is a woman you name in the same breath as Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington and Claudia Schiffer. The 90s supermodel era as some would call it, was a time where models were more than just a pretty face. Their persona became an added value.

To us, Cindy was not only beautiful and talented, but she had a great sense of style. One that is timeless if you ask us. Even the looks they made her wear on the runway back then, still seem relevant today. To honor her iconic years and many more to come, we've rounded up a list of fun facts.

Feraggio Muse

Deep Black

DID YOU KNOW Cindy's real name is Cynthia Ann Crawford? She was born as Cynthia Ann Crawford in 1966 in a small town called DeKalb, Illinois. She graduated high school to study chemical engineering at Northwestern University. However, she was discovered as a model at the tender age of 16. During her summer job detasseling corn, she was noticed by a newspaper photographer took a picture of her. This was her way into the modeling world which led her to change her public name to Cindy Crawford.

Feraggio Muse

Camel Brown

DID YOU KNOW Forbes magazine ranked her the highest paid model in 1995? During her entire modeling career, she has graced the cover of approximately 600 magazines. Including the big ones such as Vogue, ELLE, Harper's Bazaar and many more. Her most mentioned job up until now is her Pepsi TV commercial in 1992 which was a multi-million dollar contract.

Feraggio Muse

Whisper White

DID YOU KNOW that in 1996 Prince William told his mother that he had a crush on Cindy Crawford? As a response, the late Princess Diana invited Cindy to Buckingham Palace to meet her young son. There's no word on how the Prince reacted but we're pretty sure he felt like the most lucky guy in the world.

Feraggio Muse

DID YOU KNOW Cindy Crawford tried to venture into acting? In 1995 she made her debut as an actress in the movie "Fair Game" with William Baldwin. Unfortunately it wasn't for her and that was the end of her short acting career. However, today she has ventured into different fields and runs two very successful companies: a home interior line called "Cindy Crawford Home Collection" and skincare brand named "Meaningful Beauty".


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