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Feraggio and Game of Thrones?

23 February 2019

by Marco Patrizi


Try and guess what Rihanna appearing in a TV performance and William Wallace fighting for Scotland in the 11th Century have in common. Difficult yet not Impossible! Are you now checking the diva’s full videography looking for some strange use of swords and axes? We don’t want to take this guilty pleasure away from you, but we know the answer already, and no, she’s cool but she’s never rebelled against a king.


Rihanna performing live wearing check print outfits. 

Mystery solved! The answer is a colorful, regular yet experimental design which appeared for the first time in the early Middle Age and, later on, kept inspiring Fashion designers and the work of many stylists until now. Check print definitely managed to find a place inside the world’s pop culture and became an icon.

Cara Delevingne, London.

A tartan design would make perfect sense to the eyes of a girl who just started making her own clothing choices, as well as to someone who witnessed Lady Diana’s first public appearances.

Lady Diana in a red and black tartan skirt suit.

Many members of the UK Royals chose check prints over the years, as this design evolved in plenty of different, inspiring matches and variations.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

Some ideas and concepts are just timeless and transcend eras. It’s charming to imagine these prints being handcrafted in small villages more than seven hundred years ago while considering these designs’ impact on our days. Fall/Winter 2018/2019 main stylists’ collections included various, bold versions of the Scottish born tartan design: traditional, calm colors have been proposed by Prada. Dior’s explored more singular matches as blue and red.

Prada's and Dior's tartan designs, 2018/2019.

This spring comes as a chance to mix tradition and adventure and make fashion out of new ideas inspired by an absolute classic. Versace dares our creativity and suggests us to be audacious in matching different check prints to design something new and original.


An audacious check print match by Versace, during Milan fashion week 2019.

Feraggio believes that tartan prints represent the possibility to see something different into the standard: regular lines blending the outfit into a new wonder.


Wearing Feraggio’s Raspberry Checkmate during the Checkmate campaign photoshoot, 2019.

Our heels are crafted as an ode to timeless and revolutionary fashion, we choose extraordinary over common. Check print meets our philosophy because it’s a unique perspective over the ordinary, it’s the choice to see something special into the common, in patterns as in life.


Feraggio’s tartan collection photoshoot, 2019.

Feraggio created its own Check Collection to play with colors and to dare the imagination to see beyond the standard. We created it for you to start from a line and give life to something new. Can you see it too?


Check-out, to check in with Feraggio!

Feraggio's new Checkmate collection - 10 cm / 4 inch.


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