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Through This Together

25 March 2020

by Margherita Perrone


Dear Feraggio fans,

We cannot remain indifferent to what is happening worldwide.

The world's and people's conditions come in the very first place, so we hope you will all take care of yourselves and your beloved ones more than ever... just like we do.

Due to this situation, we do not want to take any risk for you and ourselves; that's why our FERAGGIO store in Amstelveen is closed for the moment. However, our online service is still going strong.

Through our online communication, we wish to be supportive and share our gratitude and solidarity with anyone who is involved in the fight against COVID-19.

feraggio fereaggioheels coronavirus covid19 solidarity

We wish strength to those affected by the virus and also to their families, and we would like to say a big "THANK YOU" to the health workers who risk their health every day to save lives. Also, thank you to all the others whose work is vital to our economy - such as couriers, supermarket staff, police officers, firefighters, truck drivers, pharmacy and drugstore employees, etc. - who continue to provide us with their effort and commitment despite being at risk.

feraggio fereaggioheels coronavirus covid19 thankyou

Finally, despite we all agree that health is the highest priority at the moment, we would like to share our support and solidarity for startups and emerging entrepreneurs who are going through a time of economic crisis right now. We wish to motivate them not only to resist and keep going during these hard times, JUST AS WE DO, but even to identify and develop new tools and strategies - especially online - to be used. After all, crisis boosts creativity as well!

feraggio fereaggioheels coronavirus covid19 support

Stay safe, stay home, and spend these relaxed days dedicating yourself to what you love to do. You can always shop on feraggio.com, to reward yourself with a pair of heels ready to be flaunted later this season, or to surprise a beloved one with a special gift. Keep in touch with us on Instagram and Facebook, where we will continue to offer you moments of positivity and temporary distractions.

After all, we want to help you continue to daydream every day!

feraggio fereaggioheels coronavirus covid19 positivity distraction


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