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The Feraggio Fit

26 June 2018

Last weekend Meghan Markle was spotted at the Royal Ascot 2018 wearing heels that seemed one or two sizes too big for her. Informed spectators mentioned that she might have made that conscious decision in order to prevent blisters. However, the question is: Does wearing a size too big solve painful heels or does wearing Feraggios in the right size solve the problem?

Finding the right size that gives you the perfect fit can be challenging. When wearing shoes that are too tight, you'll experience a lot of pain almost instantly. When wearing a size or two too big, you need to put pressure on different parts of your foot than you usually would - in order not to do a Cinderella slip. This leads to great discomfort even long after you've kicked off your shoes.

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This is one of the reasons why we chose to offer our Feraggio heels in regular and half sizes. Our heels have an exclusively designed memory foam footbed that regulates the blood circulation beneath your foot. These elements combined lead to the perfect fit and an extremely comfortable heel wearing experience.

Bye Bye blisters, Hello Feraggio.

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