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Kirsty - My experience at Feraggio

09 July 2020

 by Kirsty Pavier


My name is Kirsty Jane Pavier and I have been an intern at FERAGGIO for 6 months. I work part-time as a model, so I know the struggle of walking in heels and the pain after wearing them for hours on end. I found FERAGGIO and instantly fell in love with the concept and Juliette's mission to make high heels comfortable. I straight away applied and a few weeks later I met Joep in a café in Oudekerk aan de Amstel for an interview. And the rest is history...

I love the whole concept behind the heels and that they offer both style and comfort when you usually have to choose one. The team is really small and so you feel like your work actually has a big impact. Juliette likes to ask even us interns for our opinions on big decisions and you feel like you’re a proper part of the team. And of course, the best thing is to be surrounded by all the beautiful high heels daily and getting to try as many on as you want, which is every woman’s dream ;)

I did this internship throughout my last semester at university while writing my bachelor thesis. At first, I thought due to the fact that the company is a start-up and I’d have a lot of tasks to do that writing a report would be difficult to manage. However, Juliette and Joep did everything to help and guide me throughout the writing process. They always supported me if I needed something and let me set time aside for meetings with my supervisor. In the end, I do believe the support they gave me also helped me succeed with my thesis.

In general, Juliette, Joep, and even Henk are always there for you and offer you help (even with personal problems). The three of them are such an iconic trio and have, together with the other interns, really become my small family away from home. The atmosphere at the office is always fun but also productive. As it is a small company, the work you do as an intern is very important and therefore a lot is expected from you. However, I never had the feeling I was overwhelmed by the workload but always loved the diverse and various tasks I was assigned. Although coming from a Marketing background, in the future I want to go more into the direction of graphic design and Joep made sure that he assigned more visual tasks related to that for me. As a supervisor he always makes sure you achieve your goals you set for yourself in the beginning and has regular evaluations to make sure you develop all the competencies you wish to develop in.

Next to developing personally and professionally, I think I have also gained so much insight into how a start-up operates and what happens behind the scenes of a small fashion company. Juliette is very transparent in her decisions and always fills us interns in about what is happening in the backend. Juliette is such a strong and inspiring woman, and anyone can learn a lot from the experience and self-confidence she has. Also, I have learnt that Margherita always has something philosophical and inspirational to say up her sleeve usually according to some ancient Greek philosopher... if you wanted to hear it in that moment or not ;)

To summarise, FERAGGIO is such an exciting start-up with a beautiful product. I really believe this business will take over the world someday and I’m proud to say I played a part in this. Through being a small company, you learn a lot and grow a lot as a person and professional.

I would recommend everyone who’s interested in an intern position to give it a shot... you definitely won’t regret it ;)


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