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Introducing a Special "Barbie Girl"

05 March 2020

by Margherita Perrone


A dream that many girls and women share is to have a doll with their appearance. What is the doll par excellence? Of course, Barbie! Have a look at the special edition of the creative, inspirational fashionista Iris Apfel.

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Iris Apfel with her own Barbie Doll

The American entrepreneur and interior designer, who took part in several design projects such as the restoration of The White House, is one of the most renowned fashion icons. She stands out for her eccentric fashion taste, and she rose to fame when, in 2005, the Metropolitan Museum of Art celebrated her talent to transform herself through clothes and accessories.

The pioneering documentarian Albert Maysles captured Iris in a documentary that shares more about her and her fashion vision. This movie, entitled "Iris", displays a broad overview of her style, which includes lots of jewelry, ornamented clothing, oversized eyeglasses, and colorful makeup.

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Iris Apfel starring in her documentary "Iris" 

Several are the celebrities who have a Barbie created in their likeness, including Cher, Beyoncé, and J.K. Rowling, but Iris is the oldest woman ever to have this honor. The New York fashion guru, indeed, is 98 years old, but the advanced age does not faze her, because the most important things in her life have remained the same: the passion for her work and the continuous experiments of style.

Iris' Barbie was created in March 2018, on the occasion of the launch of Iris' latest book, entitled "Iris Apfel: Accidental Icon", and it wears the same outfit that appears on the cover of the volume: a green lurex brocade suit, matched, of course, with Iris' badges of style: statement eyeglasses, quirky accessories and scarlet lipstick. Unfortunately, this Barbie is not for sale, but two "styled by" doll has been launched later, inspired by Rara Avis by Iris Apfel jewelry collection.

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Iris' Barbie Doll standing next to "Iris Apfel: Accidental Icon" book 

The Iris Apfel doll, which enhances the beauty of older women, adds variety to the Barbie collection. The company that makes the Barbie dolls, Mattel, had already made efforts to amend the unreal ideal of beauty that has proposed for years and to expand the variety of body shapes available, offering tall, petite, and curvy dolls. 

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Barbie editions in different shapes and colors 

It is delightful, therefore, to notice how society is moving further and further away from the traditional stereotypes of beauty, to boost the confidence of women of different sizes, heights, colors, and now even ages; aiming to demonstrate that in a woman, it is not only beauty and style that inspire, but above all personality.

Iris Apfel is not only a fashion and style icon of inspiration but also an amazing life advisor. Long may she inspires, with her creative, free, inspired, inexhaustible spirit, women of any age to never stop doing what they love, to believe in their dreams, and to inspire others!

"Why would you want to look like everyone else when there's such a big choice of things today? It's hard to give blanket advice, but I just think that if everybody tries to be as self-respecting and interesting as they can, it would be a better world. Use your head and think about other people and look in a mirror once in a while!"

(Iris Apfel)

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