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From NASA to your Feraggio heel footbed.

02 July 2018

If you’re a Feraggio fanatic, you’re well aware of the fact that our Feraggio heel footbed is undeniably comfortable. Most of you will know that this is due to the memory foam that we’ve worked into our heel design seamlessly.

However, what is the actual essence of memory foam you might wonder?

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Well, here’s a little history lesson on memory foam. Back in the 60’s, a group of NASA engineers were asked to develop a comfortable seat that would relieve the astronauts from massive pressure discomfort during takeoff and landing. At first they thought of shaping a seat to the body of an astronaut, but this wouldn’t be practical due to the fact that every single astronaut has a different body. That would mean that they would have to change seats for every shuttle. This led to the development of a material construction that would adjust its shape to any person who was in contact with it: memory foam.

Fast forward 55 years later, we decided to implement this in our Feraggio design, to give you utmost comfort and relieve you from pressure when wearing your Feraggio heels.

You’re very welcome.


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