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For those with petite feet

10 July 2018

Shopping for the perfect pair of heels when you have petite feet, can be a discouraging experience. Let alone trying to find heels in petite sizes that are actually comfortable..

Soft Green

In the early stages of developing Feraggio, we took a look at what was out there and realized that hardly any brand caters to those below size 36 and sometimes even size 37. This seemed to lead to many women having to give up on great heels and turn to semi-acceptable flats from the children’s department.

Strong Espresso

Once we started deciding on our initial product requirements, we knew we wanted to create a product that would be accessible to as many women as possible when it came to sizing. This meant full sizes and half sizes. Including those with petite feet. As for now, we stock size 35 up to 42 – and we offer made-to-order for those who are in search of something else. As Feraggio sizes run small size 35 is, in fact, a size 34,5.

The search for perfect petite heels ends here.


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