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24 July 2020

 by Juliette de Vries



Or are you tired of slipping out of your shoes? 

No stress… you are not alone.  

Of all women, 99% have the same problem 

Want a solution that works? 


Say hello toSizers! 

Finding theperfect pair of shoescan be a challenge, so when you do find themyou want to be able to wear themcomfortably. It becomes irritating when one foot is continuously slipping out and even more so when you have to worry about losing that shoe.

WithSizers,that problem is solved

Sizers are speciallydesigned by women,for womenwho struggle to get theperfect shoe to fit

Made of mouldable foam, these discreetshoe insert cushions are the perfectsolutionfor those who: 

  • Have one foot that is smaller than the other 

  • Have narrow feet 

  • Arebetween shoe sizes 

  • Wear shoes off and on; with pantyhose and without 

  • Have shoes that haven been stretched-out through time 

Need more convincing? Sizers are also reusable, washable and can be worn in all pointed-toe footwear (heels, boots, and flats). 

Have you ever tried heel grips and found themineffective? Well, then you need to try Sizers! They prevent heel slippage, blisters, and skin irritation.

Sizers, thesuper comfortable shoe sizing insertthat creates a perfect fitevery time! 

Just simply slip the Sizer into the toe of your"big" shoeand instantlyreduce the sizeandimprove the fitof your shoes. Don't size downsize up to fit the bigger foot, and pop a Sizer into your "big" or "loose" shoe. 

Want the Sizers to fit your feet even better? Pop them in the oven* at 140C/285F for 1 minute, press the heated inserts into the toe area of your FERAGGIOs and immediately try on your heels. We know, we were surprised too, but it actually works and allows you to mold the Sizers for a bespoke fit. To re-mould the Sizers, you can simply repeat the above steps. 


How many sizes are available? 

Sizers are available in 3 different sizes, which come in different colors to make choosing the right size easier: 

  • ¼ Sizers (Pink)reducesany shoe by quarter of a shoe size 

  • ½ Sizers  (Purple)reduces any shoe by half a shoe size 

  • 1 Sizers (Orange)reducesany shoe by one shoe size 

You can purchase Sizers on FERAGGIO website
all you need to do is to send an email to info@feraggio.com and add these little helpers to your order next time you shop with FERAGGIO. 

per size in single pack : € 5,00 

Price multipack with all 3 sizes : € 15,00 

*excl. Shipping at € 3,00  

*Caution: Please take care when removing the inserts from the oven and be careful not to overheat.  


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