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07 August 2020

 by Juliette de Vries

We’ve probably all bought at least one pair of beautiful, yet highly uncomfortable shoes in our lives: you know, those shoes where you have to convince yourself when trying on that they will become more comfortable once you have broken them in, but they don’t. And so, those gorgeous  shoes end up somewhere in the back of your closet, because while pretty to look at, you can’t bare the thought of wearing them an entire night; they pinch your toes, give you blisters and make you question why you purchased them in the first place.

If only we weren’t taught that “beauty is pain”.. Well, we are here to tell you that footwear should be comfortable, which means that is probably wise to invest in good quality shoes.

Shoes should breathe comfort; not only because of foot fatigue and calluses but also because the body is forced to distribute the weight, so that you can maintain balance when the foot is in the wrong position. As a result, you may end up getting problems with your joints and back. Which we probably can all agree on, is definitely something to avoid if possible.

Expensive shoes and boots on the other hand, are usually made of good-quality materials and were produced with the anatomical features of a person in mind. Their footbed, inner sole, and heel pad are created to ensure the highest level of comfort.

Besides the level of comfort, many people pay attention to shoes when meeting a new person. Therefore, spending a bit more money on a high quality shoe will show; you could come across as a well put together and successful person.

When choosing shoes, be sure to pay attention. Price will directly affect the quality of the materials and the fit of the shoe. After all, don’t you agree that the best shoes are those that you don’t even notice while walking? Buying low-quality shoes, will inevitably lead to constant pain and frustration when wearing them. And as we women all know, our quality of life decreases dramatically when we wear uncomfortable shoes.



So how do you choose the right shoes? 

A correctly selected pair of shoes (sneakers, FERAGGIOS, moccasins) prevents the appearance of growths like corns. Unsuitable shoes can rapidly develop into discomfort that will constantly remind you that you made a wrong choice.

Let's take care of our legs and feet and pick comfortable shoes.

So, here are a few key rules to help avoid leg/feet problems when buying heeled shoes:
  1. Do not pay attention to the size of the shoes (within reason, of course). Many manufacturers may run small or large. Therefore, it often happens that your 38 size can fit 36 with one brand or a size 40 with another. For example, Italian brands tend to run small. 
  2. During the first fitting, be sure to take a few laps, and carefully "listen" to your initial feelings.
  3. Are you ordering online? Then remember your size changes throughout life. If you had a size 38 when you were 25 years old, that in no way means that you still have the same size at age 40. Also, you current shoes may be worn out, so stick to the last time you tried on heels in a store for size reference.
  4. If you go shoe shopping, then go at the end of the day, when your legs and feet have gotten some exercise (usually resulting in them slightly increasing in size). In case of purchasing your shoes online: try them on at the end of the day.
  5. Choose a shoe with breathable material in the inside, like genuine leather
  6. Additionally, make sure the material is flexible. This will increase the level of comfort.
  7. Furthermore, the sole should have a level of flexibility where you can easily bend your feet when walking.
  8. Make sure that the back in the shoes is firm, so your feet do not change position when walking.
  9. Best practice is to buy shoes from proven brands with time-tested comfort.
  10. Therefore make sure to read reviews on the internet. Even if you plan to purchase your shoes in a physical store, it is wise to look up some customer experiences.
When home, we recommend giving your feet some freedom:walk barefoot, or wear lightweight fabric slippers. After a hard days work, your feet will thank you.

There is no rule for how much you should spend on a pair of shoes, yet it has been proven that investing in a more expensive shoe will benefit you longer. If you do decide to invest in a pricier shoe, we suggest going for a classic that never goes out of style. Think of your classic black blazer that you can wear with a pair of jeans but also to Sunday brunch; a wardrobe staple that you  can cherish for many years. When it comes to pair of high heels, you can never go wrong  with FERAGGIO; timeless heels that match any outfit.

So to recap, when it comes to investing in more expensive shoes you have the following pros and cons:


  • More comfort and stability
  • High quality, can be worn for years
  • Prevents damage to your feet
  • You will feel more confident
  • People will compliment you on your shoes
  • Maybe a higher investment than you had in mind
How to choose shoes that are equally beautiful comfortable 
A lot of human factors are involved in choosing shoes. This choice is affected by the persons height, weight, leg fullness, and of course preferences. For example, for plus size women, we would recommend wearing our 3-inch heels as these will give the legs more rest throughout the day (compare to our 4-inch). In the world of fashion, ballet shoes are considered the most convenient. This versatile model has found its way into the wardrobe of every fashionista. Ballet flats are very versatile and look elegant both under a tracksuit and an evening -or cocktail dress. When choosing a ballet flat, make sure though to look for a pair that provides some support to the arch of your foot (one with a good outer sole). Also, try to avoid totally flat shoes as these offer little support to your feet and legs.

Comfortable walking shoes all day

When it comes to finding elegant yet comfortable shoes, FERAGGIO should of course come top of mind. FERAGGIO heels were designed to be worn every day, all day. Especially for busy fashionistas who are always on the go, FERAGGIOS are ideal. To be prepared we also suggest packing a pair of flats in your bag so you can walk anywhere (including those cobble stone streets) and not ruin your fabulous heels. Walking on your toes to protect your heels is of course not ideal, so always be prepared!

Comfortable office shoes

We know that a lot of beautiful ladies with office jobs are required to wear heels all day. Comfortable shoes that are both elegant and comfortable are therefore a must.
FERAGGIO heels were designed with the idea of emphasizing both the beauty and elegance of your feet and legs, while also providing the comfort that we all long for.

Investing in higher quality shoes is abosuletely wortht it, but if your not convinced yet click here to see what other women say about FERAGGIO.

So why not treat yourself to a pair of FERAGGIOS? Your feet will thank you! And also, it is always a good idea to have a pair of black or neutral colored FERAGGIOSunder your desk, you never know what opportunity might come across your desk, requiring you to look fabulous in heels ;)



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