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Feraggio colors

31 May 2018

Do you know your undertone? Finding out if you have  a warm, cool or neutral undertone can help when deciding on which Feraggio heels are going to make it to your closet.

Before we get started, to all of those who have no evident signs of being a warm or a cool tone, you're most probably a neutral! Here are 3 tips to try to figure it out:

What color are your veins?

Do they look more blue or green to you? If the look blue, there's a good chance you have a cool undertone. When they appear to be green, you most likely have a warm undertone.

We would recommend Wet Sand for those with cool or neutral tones.

Wet Sand

Which colors do you tend to look great in?

Do you look good when wearing the deepest black and the brightest white? You could be a cool toned person. Do you tend to look better in off-white and brown shades? That is more often linked to warm toned people.

We would recommend Caffe Latte for those with warm tones.

Caffe Latte

What type of jewelry do you wear?

People that look great in silver are more often cool toned, people that reach for gold are warm toned.

PS: These are just recommendations and we're pretty sure you look great in every color you love to wear!


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