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Hello Angels

10 July 2020

 by Juliette de Vries


At Feraggio we have our own Charlie’s Angels with Joep, our Creative Director, as a modern-day “Charlie” and his three show-stopping “angels”; the fabulous Ms. Margherita from Puglia, the most beautiful region of Italy; the dazzling Kirsty from Germany, brought up bilingual with a father from the UK, so she is our British crown jewel; and the marvelous Xanath from Mexico with a German grandfather.

Every day a variety of cultures, personalities, and qualities come together in FERAGGIO's creative team.

Kirsty was born in Northern Ireland, and together with her British dad who was part of the English military up until she was eight, she moved a lot. Then, since her mom is German, they finally moved to Germany, where she attended the secondary school. She eventually ended up in the Netherlands because she wanted to study in English. 
During her marketing studies, she realized her passion lies in graphic design and in the visual part of the projects. As she recalls: "In group works, I was always responsible for mock-ups or the design of our advertising materials, so I decided to apply to FERAGGIO in creative and graphic design. Now I'm mainly responsible for creating daily Instagram stories and editing pictures".

Besides that, she helps to implement visual ideas for posts, blogs, or for the FERAGGIO website. She also became the backup model for spontaneous heel shoots and the grammar police for correcting those English mistakes.

Kirsty, Graphic Design Creative Intern 

Our Margherita moved to Amsterdam 2 years ago, after being selected for an Accessories Design internship at KARL LAGERFELD for seven months. She has had another working experience at GUESS, before starting as a “Creative Intern” at FERAGGIO at the beginning of 2020.

She has many responsibilities, such as copywriting, social media engagement, and once again accessories design. Margherita has a solid background as a fashion designer, so we asked her: "If FERAGGIO would sell bags, what kind of bag would it be?" "It has to be one iconic, timeless, functional design in a variety of sizes and materials", she replied. 

In her own words: "I am very excited about the fact that, despite being ‘just an intern’, I have the opportunity to put my own ideas into practice. I believe that giving voice to those who are still young and inexperienced is a fantastic opportunity not only for the interns but also for the company itself. Everyone has a talent and great ideas to share, regardless of the years of experience they have."

Margherita, Accessories Design & Copywriting Creative Intern

Xanath is our latest addition to our intern team. She remembers her first working day at FERAGGIO well: "I saw this beautiful office at the back in the garden, and unexpectedly I see ten chickens walking everywhere, and some even enter the office during the day! So funny, and that made me happy because I love chickens."

Xanath was born and raised in Mexico City, but surprisingly her full name is Xanath de Kruijff, which does not sound so Mexican at all. She decided to move to Europe in 2017 to pursue her dream to live and study abroad. Initially, she planned to study in Germany because of her faraway German roots. Along the way, applying for universities, she came across a perfect study offered in the Netherlands at Erasmus University, so she decided to move to Holland. Now living in Rotterdam for two years, she does not regret moving, and she is delighted to call the Netherlands her home.

Xanath, Photography Creative Intern

It was not easy for all of them to work closely during the COVID-19 period, but we made it happen, by discussing our work priorities in our daily huddle through ZOOM and sharing our successes in the group chat.

We are now at the beginning of July 2020, and finally, things are getting back to normal again. In order to keep everybody safe in the office, we had to shuffle workspaces and limit the maximum to 5 people working in the office per day. The warehouse is fully open and operational again for customers, and we are even busier than before. We went through an extraordinary time with these girls during the COVID-19 period. We shared our fears, for their families at home, for our health, and for our future, not knowing what would happen the next day, week, or month. We thank them for adapting rapidly, their flexibility, support, and understanding during these difficult times.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.



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