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Built To Last

06 August 2019

When you first mention architecture and heels, you would probably think why? What do these two things have to do with each other? More than you would expect. The heart of both lies in its construction and purpose. Architecture has perfected the art of making design and functionality work together since they’re both equally important. Many architects have actually dabbled into shoe design and who could blame them, making beautiful shoes is, of course incredibly fun!

For FERAGGIO, we have our four core values that can easily be linked to architecture:


We have found four buildings in the Netherlands that apart from being an impressive structure reflect at least one of our principles and some even more than one!

silverline architecture almere claus en kaan architect feraggio heels construction adapting comfortable stylish white leather braided woven heels pumps stilettos

Twisted White on top of the Silverline, Almere, Claus & Kaan. 


‘Silverline’ is an apartment building in Almere built by Claus & Kaan built in 2001. The shape of this building isn’t traditional, yet there’s a perfect reason for that. This building is designed around the wants and needs of future inhabitants. People always prefer to live either at the top or bottom of the tower, not the middle part. Therefore the lower five and upper sever floors are bigger than the middle four. FERAGGIO also listens to their customers; we adapt to the wants and predict the next big thing like our new collection of braided leather and mesh. Most importantly, we listened to the need for a very comfortable, stylish heel, and here we are!

feraggio fereaggioheels braided woven leather black essential comfort hoge heren architect architecture rotterdam skyline wiel arets design

Braided Black on top of the Hoge Heren, Rotterdam, Wiel Arets. 

Hoge Heren - COMFORT

These two 34-floor black towers are an impressive landmark of the Rotterdam skyline. Wiel Arets designed the luxury apartment buildings, also completed in 2001. They are designed to provide the ultimate comfortable living experience by adding an indoor swimming pool, sauna, gym, and a roof garden. That’s just a small selection, but everything is at the tip of your fingers! Just like ‘Hoge Heren’,  FERAGGIO heels are designed to add comfort to your daily activities because you can wear them all day and night. On top of that, the textured pattern on the building definitely resembles the braided leather, which makes it a great match!

white mesh high heels leather summer pumps stilettos luxury timmerhuis rotterdam o.m.a. sustainable timeless

White Mesh on top of the Timmerhuis, Rotterdam, O.M.A. 


‘Timmerhuis’ is a building realized by O.M.A. The Timmerhuis is designed to be the most sustainable building in the Netherlands. Multiple aspects such as a thermal energy storage system, reusing the existing building underneath and creating it with the concept of flexibility in mind so the purpose can be changed at any moment if necessary. FERAGGIO strives to be sustainable, in choosing materials, suppliers, and packaging. As the shoe is timeless and perfect for any occasion, you won’t have to worry about it ever going out of style and becoming redundant either. 

black mesh heels pumps stilettos suede summer shoes stand tall walk longer heel the world de rotterdam rem koolhaas canal erasmusbrug

Black Mesh on top of De Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Rem Koolhaas. 

De Rotterdam - MULTI-PURPOSE

Last but not least, we have a Rem Koolhaas creation. The main purpose of this stunning for this structure is… everything! Rem wanted to build a “vertical city” and succeeded, “De Rotterdam” is the biggest multifunctional building in the Netherlands. The three interconnected towers provide space for offices, a hotel, apartments, shops, fitness, and parking. FERAGGIO, of course, lives by the same idea of multipurpose. The vertical city concept perfectly embodies our term heelability where every little part makes up the functionality and design which makes our heels appropriate for any occasion and outfit, whether you’re going to work or going out! 

A fresh new take on the famous FERAGGIO design- now in mesh and braided leather. 


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