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As proud as a mom can be

02 May 2019

For FERAGGIO’s Pitch Black campaign, Dutch contemporary artist Sylvia-Monique Blankendaal shared her unconditional love for mother and daughter in the magical environment of Parc Broekhuizen.

Sylvia-Monique Dutch Artist Contemporary Luxury Turtleneck Parc Broekhuizen

"Grown up in Laren my first memory was, still being a toddler, my sisters looking at me being the new kid."

Sylvia-Monique Dutch Artist Contemporary Luxury Parc Broekhuizen Black Dress

She moved to Amsterdam when she was 17 and started studying Social and Cultural sciences followed by Management at the VU.

Conceptual Art Sylvia Monique Tiffany Mirror glass Gold leaf contemporary

Finally, five years ago she decided to follow her creative passion, and now she is a successful conceptual artist working with glass and making two-dimensional compositions of Tiffany glass, mirror glass and gold leaf. Within two years she showed her collection at the PAN and in Milan at the “Masterly, The Dutch in Milano” where she gained international recognition for her work.

Sylvia-Monique’s big hairy audacious goal is to exhibit at the TEFAF within five years.

Parc Broekhuizen Leersum Old Painting Gallery Room Classic Building

Her favorite holiday spot is, of course, Surinam the country where her mother Ivan lives a few months a year. She talks to her mother on a daily bases enjoying each others company going for long walks.

Sylvia Monique Mother Daughter Parc Broekhuizen Classic Timeless

She loves her mother for many remarkable qualities. One of which is her unconditional devotion to her family.

Piano Parc Broekhuizen Sylvia Monique Family Three Generations Feraggio Mother Daughter Pitch Black

She is most proud of her two beautiful daughters. 

And although she would choose the color fuchsia pink over any color, she appreciates the classic elegance of pitch black.

Black, by FERAGGIO, for you.


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