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A trip down Check Print Lane

26 July 2018

Many centuries ago, Scottish women used to weave a fabric at home that we know as tartan/plaid/check print today. The earliest records date back to the 8th century which quite possibly makes it one of the oldest fabric prints in the world!

This print was named Tartan and some claim it stems from the Scottish words tuar (color) and tan (district). The colors used in a print varied due to a limited amount of plants that they could create color dyes with. Hence, every Scottish clan had their own print with their own regional colors indicating where they were from.


The dictionary has a specific description for tartan:

“A simple two-color check to which the designer adds over-checks, bands and stripes in contrasting colors resulting in a geometric design. These should be arranged to result in a balanced and harmonious pattern.”

When the Scottish migrated to the United States of America, the tartan was somewhat reinvented and that got the name plaid. Worn by a lot of farmers and lumberjacks. The design kept changing and various names were assigned to them. From Check print to Gingham. Over the centuries it made its way into fashion with the British Royal family being a strong advocate of tartan. One of our ultimate Feraggio Muses, the late Princess Diana, wearing it enviously over the years. More recently, Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex was spotted in a check print.


The late Princess Diana was lovingly nicknamed Shy Di by the press. However, her style was everything but shy. She was said to wear colorful clothes because she wanted to convey approachability and warmth. She had an amazing eye for things that suited her, no matter how bold her style choices were. Tartan and checked prints were an absolute favorite and something that she wore in multiple colors at numerous events.

Fast-forward to today, we’d like to welcome our very own check print to the Feraggio Family: Checkmate Blue!

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