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NEON: Duality of Women

07 October 2019

For our new campaign we at FERAGGIO would like to offer you some insights on our inspiration for NEON. Our campaign celebrates the duality of women. One of our motto's at the HQ is ‘work hard, play hard’. We find it important that after a productive day at the office, we celebrate with a glass of sparkly wine. The NEON campaign embodies this. Inspired by 80’s and 90’s power dressing and the powerful feminist movement we are experiencing today. With this new line we want to embrace our playful and wistful nature, without denying ourselves the opportunity to be taken seriously, we celebrate our duality!

In order to be taken seriously, women started power dressing. The first instance of power dressing started as early as the twenties. Chanel introduced one of the first suits for women. The suit consisted of masculine elements (button up jacket), but with a feminine touch (skirt). The suit originated in a time where women, after the war, started to navigate the male dominated professional fields. The suit was meant to make women feel comfortable, powerful and more accepted in the professional sphere. Of course change takes time, and it took almost fifty years to reinvent power dressing.

The iconic Chanel suit with a pillbox hat

-Iconic CoCo Chanel suit with pillbox hat

Power dressing was reinvented halfway through the seventies. The quintessential masculine jacket now had shoulder pads and was paired with a knee length skirt. Again its goal was to make women exuberate professionalism, power and confidence. Everything a women needs to break through that glass ceiling and show what she is made off, without losing her femininity.

A powerdressing NEON Queen

-Our own powerdressing NEON Queen

We come back to 2019. The power suit, again, is going through a renaissance. The shoulder pads are less pronounced but the angular silhouette is still there. A silhouette that is not unfamiliar to our FERAGGIO heeldesign. The knee length skirt of the power suit is nowadays switched out for a longer hem, a shorter hem or trousers. Although earlier iterations favored muted patterns and colors such as blue, black, navy, and grey. The time where women need to dress a certain way to demand respect is over, we now wear the power suit for ourselves. Which means our playful nature can come out and say ‘Hello’. Bright colours or floral patterns are back on the table and the power suit has never been as diverse as it is now.

Fashion does not have to mean squeezing yourself in something that is not you. The versatility of the power suit offers us the chance to feel comfortable and still look ready to take on the world. It is this sentiment that spoke to FERAGGIO when coming up with the NEON campaign. FERAGGIO is the power suit of shoes: fashionable and comfortable. The power suit is meant to signal to your environment that you mean business without renouncing your femininity. It celebrates duality: we can be feminine and serious, we can be professional and playful, we can work hard and play hard!    


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