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We are on a mission to heel the world

Slow fashion

The inception of Feraggio started by focusing on one specific product to create a level of perfection. Together with a team of highly skilled professionals and detail-oriented craftsmen, we dedicated the first two years of our brand designing every single aspect of the heels. This resulted in realizing the perfect heel: one design fit for every occasion, designed to wear all day, every day. The embodiment of our initial vision and mission that will remain the essence of our brand.

Quality over quantity is something that we value strongly, and it’s evident in our design. Our philosophy comes from decision fatigue. We live in a paradox world of choice where you can find 100 versions of the same thing, but nothing seems quite like the right fit. We aim to make every woman’s life a little bit easier by creating the perfect pair of heels with extreme cushioned comfort.

We are proud to say Feraggio is part of the slow fashion movement.

Handcrafted Feraggio

Handmade Craftsmanship

We highly value craftsmanship. All our heels are handmade by a team of the best shoemaking experts in the Southern part of Europe. This team has been making quality shoes for decades. Each heel has been cut from a single piece of material, resulting in just one seam at the back for the ultimate elegant design.

By solely using the best quality materials for both inner- and outer lining, you’re ensured to have an extremely comfortable fit that enhances the wearability and is soft to the touch.

To make your heels last a lifetime, we’ve added an iron tip at the bottom of the nose, protecting the leather sole from excessive wear. We developed a special care kit for our core collection suede heels, and each pair comes with custom-made Feraggio shoetrees to sustain the perfect shape of the nose.

Feraggio promises high quality, extreme comfort and the most stylish heel.

If you want to invest in heels, it better be Feraggios.