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Feraggio Maintenance

Proper suede care is proven to enhance the lifetime of your suede. Follow these tips for correct suede maintenance and help your suede heels go the distance. Prevent long-term damage to your suede heels by cleaning immediately after wear. A suede brush is designed to clean and restore your suede heel and allows you to remove dirt and sand without damaging the suede surface.

Box care kit

Feraggio brush

The Feraggio brush is a powerful tool for effective suede care because each part of the brush functions together to restore the suede to its original appearance. Remember to brush in one direction only.

Everyday surface dirt and dust can quickly result in stubborn suede stains. Use a magnetic cleaning sponge to gently lift surface dirt.

Using the broad side of the Feraggio magnetic cleaning sponge, stroke lightly in one direction only. To protect your suede heels and maintain their color use on the same color heels only.

Have any questions on how to care for you suede pumps? Get in touch with us, our team is happy to help.