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Frequently asked questions

When developing our shoe, every millimeter was checked and tested to create the Perfect Heels. Feraggios are everyday heels that ensure comfort, style, and durability.


  • Heel heights
    Feraggio Heels are available in two heel heights: 10cm (4 inch) and 7,5cm (3 inch).
  • Feraggio collections
    Feraggio heels are forever heels; the core of our collection will never change. Apart from limited edition and seasonal collections, our perfect shoe design will always be available in a range of various colors.
  • Color
    Love them all and can’t decide on your perfect color? We are more than happy to send you a sample of the suede to help you choose. Get in touch with our customer service team by emailing [email protected], and we will gladly assist you.
  • Retail stores
    Feraggio is the world’s first perfect heels online store. We offer free worldwide shipping. Visit Delivery & Returns for more information.


  • Finding your perfect size, go to our Size Guide

    Size Guide

    Tip: If your measurements fit between two sizes, one foot's measurement is larger than the other, always move up to the larger size.
  • Sizes
    Feraggio Heels have been carefully crafted with the perfect fit in mind. As such, we follow our own unique sizing guide. Feraggio Heels are available in the following sizes:

    • FER35 & FER35 ½
    • FER36 & FER36 ½
    • FER37 & FER37 ½
    • FER38 & FER38 ½
    • FER39 & FER39 ½
    • FER40 & FER40 ½
    • FER41 & FER41 ½
    • FER42

    Please contact [email protected] for more information on our unique sizing guide or special size orders.
  • Shoe size conversion
    Finding your Feraggio size doesn’t have to be confusing. Our comprehensive shoe size conversion table makes finding your perfect fit easy!
    Wherever you reside; our Feraggio shoe size conversion table allows you to easily convert your size within a quick glance.
    Size Guide
  • The Feraggio fit
    Feraggio heels should fit tightly when first worn, In order for the soft materials to have room to adjust to your foot ensuring you get the perfect fit.


  • Take care of your Feraggios
    Use the Feraggio care kit to help you keep your heels in perfect condition. You can purchase the care kit here. Please read these instructions carefully.
  • The Feraggio suede care kit: forever spray, suede protector and water resistant spray
    The Forever Heels Spray helps protect your suede heels from dirt and water.
    Before first wear, we recommend two coats of our Forever Spray. Remember to let your heels dry overnight.
    Spray your heels regularly for forever protection.

    Instructions: Hold the can upright, 15 - 20 cm away from your heels and spray evenly. Use in a well-ventilated area away from heat and open flames. Allow drying for one hour at room temperature. A second application is recommended for new heels.
  • Suede brush
    The best way to keep your heels clean is to use a suede specific brush.
    The Feraggio brush is designed specifically to restore and clean suede. It removes dirt and sand, and raises the nap of the suede to its original appearance.

    Step One: Remove dirt.
    Use the nylon bristles of the brush for suede; use the rubber nips for the nylon upper, the pointy corners for the seams, and the rounded edges for the heels.
    Step Two: Restore appearance.
    Use the nylon bristles to brush suede surface. Brush in one direction only.

    Please note: Use on same color heels only.
  • Suede and nubuck sponge
    The Feraggio magnetic cleaning sponge is designed to lift and prevent the buildup of everyday dust and surface dirt.

    Using the broad side of the sponge, stroke firmly over the suede in one direction only.

    Please note: Use on the same color heels only.
  • Keep these heels perfect spray, suede stain remover
    The Perfect Heels Spray has been specially designed to remove stains and spots. Use to clean, condition and restore the nap of your suede heels.

    Using your suede brush, brush suede or nubuck lightly to remove dirt. Shake well before use. Hold the can upright 15-20 cm away from your heels and spray evenly. Wipe clean with a soft, dry, colorfast cloth.

    Please note: light colored suede will darken during treatment but will dry to original shade.
  • Remove stains
    Serious stains require serious care. For serious stains, take your heels to a cobbler who has the right set of tools and skills at their disposal to keep your heels looking perfect.
    For milder stains, use the suede cleaning brush or sponge provided in your care kit. Once stains have been removed, brush the nap with your suede brush and spray with the supplied protection spray.
  • The method
    Although protecting suede is simpler than leather, the material is far more delicate and requires more regular care.
    A suede brush can be found in your care kit. Brush your heels after every wear, to revive the nap and remove any excess surface dirt that may have accumulated.
    Follow with our Forever Spray to keep your heels protected. Use regularly to maintain a constant level of protection.
  • General suede care tips
    • Always brush the nap in the same direction. This keeps your heels looking clean as dirt is brushed off, and not around, the shoe.
    • Keep your cleaning as natural as possible and avoid harsh chemicals that can damage both the color and the material of your heels.
    • After using your heels, to avoid damage, put them back into your Feraggio Black Box.
    • Leave mud to dry before brushing off in a sweeping motion. Remember to remove dirt from your heels by brushing in one direction only.
    • Leaving your heels in the sun can fade its color. Keep them cool, dry and well-aired.
  • Shoe tree
    The special shoe tree holds your Feraggio toe in its proper shape and it will let the shoes dry out correctly, keeping the nose of the shoes from bending. It is best to insert them as soon as you take them off.
  • Extra heel tip
    Perfect heels need a perfect heel tip.
    For comfort and 15% more heelability, we chose heel tips with a very soft, but firm rubber with a noise reduction finish.
    As heel tips wear with time, an extra pair is included with the care kit.
  • Feraggio iron tip
    To ensure the least damage to the point of your heels, we developed an under sole with an inox nose tip.
    In the unlikely event that your nose tip needs to be replaced, an extra pair is included with the care kit.
    We advise using a professional cobbler for any repairs or replacements.
  • Feraggio care kit
    Unfortunately, strict export rules prevent us from shipping our suede care sprays to countries outside of the EU. Care kit orders outside of the EU are shipped without the "Keep Your Heels Forever Spray" and the "Keep Your Heels Perfect Spray".
  • Black box
    The Feraggio Black Box has been designed to easily view and access your perfect heels.
    Each box has a unique pull-out drawer with an image label that displays the box contents. Simply reverse the drawer if no label is required.
  • Black box system
    Our storage system helps you manage every shoe you own, offering a complete storage system to look after your shoe collection.
    Assemble a shoe wall using the Feraggio Black Box system.
    Each black box comes with an image of your shoe, to be inserted in the viewing window. Finding your Feraggio heels has never been this easy!
    Feraggio Black Boxes are for everyone. The inside measurements can easily fit both men and women’s shoes.

    Shop the Feraggio Black Box


  • I have forgotten my login details for the online shop
    Our website remembers your previous order details if you shop from the same computer or device.
    If you have reached the checkout and have forgotten your password, just click 'forgot password' on the login screen.
    We will automatically send the email address you're registered with.
  • I have a question about using the online shop
    Please contact our customer care service by email at [email protected] or telephone +31 20 822 80 29 (Monday to Friday 9AM till 6PM GMT).

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