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Cognac Leather Ankle Boot



Looking for a pair of boots that combines comfort and style? Look no further because we are here to introduce you to the "Clever Caramel Boot"! These pair of boots offer you the ultimate timeless piece that enhances every outfit for every occasion. Just like the rest of our heels, these ensure that you do not make a noise while walking, and the memory foam footbed allows you to rock these boots in style while providing the utmost comfort. In addition, the design of these boots enables you to have more stability while standing tall, empowering you throughout the day and night.

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Product benefits:

1. SANDWICHED SOLE for support & stability
2. MEMORY FOAM FOOTBED for extra comfort
3. UNBREAKABLE HEEL for stability & durability
4. TOE CLEAVAGE reduced by medium-cut design
5. IRON TOE TIP to protect the pointy toe
6. RUBBER HEEL TIP to reduce noise
7. NO-SLIP SUEDE finish to prevent slipping

Read about more benefits: 
Upper Material: Leather
Inner Material: Leather / Suede
Heel Material: Leather / Metal
Soles: Leather
On sale: Nee
Product code: FBOOT-M-LE-LTH-CAR



“Feraggio has the best high heels. The most comfortable wear and the best suede quality is the best. No heels can compare to a pair of Feraggios.”

“Absolutely beautiful heels that come with excellent service. They are amazingly comfortable. Awesome!”

“Last week I got married in my brand new white Feraggios, they felt great, and I danced till midnight! If you are looking for the perfect high heels, Feraggios are the best!”

“Being 180cm tall, I don’t wear heels very often, so my feet are usually killing me after 1 hour. I have the 7.5cm Feraggio heels in black, and I can walk around comfortably all evening!”

“Being almost 50, I promised myself not to walk on high heels anymore. Too much pain and suffering. But then I discovered Feraggio - you won’t find any high heels more stylish and more comfortable than these!”

“Amazing service and fantastic pumps that I can finally wear for hours without any pain. They are actually really comfortable. On to the next pair ;)”

“Bought my third pair of Feraggios. I can walk on the 7.5 cm all day long without any discomfort. The 10 cm keep my feet happy for hours as well. :)”

“When wearing my Camel Brown Feraggios under my light grey trousers, I rock my sales! Walk 9 km a day and still shine and smile long after the last customer has left the store. LOVE my Feraggios!”

“Amazing shoes! I own two pairs already and I m saving up for the third one, I love the way the product is presented, from the box to the care kit. I don’t even realize I'm walking on 10cm heels.”

“If you have to walk on heels often, the most important thing is comfort. Feraggio is my go-to for that exact reason. The the fact that they come in so many colors makes the brand even more appealing!”

“Finally! A beautiful pair of 10 cm heels that’s actually comfortable to wear. Amazing for corporate wear and just as amazing when wearing jeans. I’m trying to decide which color to order next bit honestly feel I need every single one!”

“Finally! A beautiful pair of 10 cm heels that’s actually comfortable to wear. Amazing for corporate wear and just as amazing when wearing jeans. I’m trying to decide which color to order next bit honestly feel I need every single one!”

“I love my Deep black 7.5 cm Feraggios! I can wear them all day long, and they make my legs look very elegant. Every woman needs a Little Black Dress and a par of Feraggios in her closet.”

“Finally a pair of amazing heels that are actually comfortable! Feraggios are perfect for a night out too. The Feraggio care kit will make them look as good as new the next day I love the Plum Purple and Deep Blck in 10 cm of course!”

“I just bought a pair of Feraggios and wore them during my performance in Gran Canaria. With higher temperatures, feet tend to expand and Feraggios adapt easily! They are sexy yet comfortable. I’m extremely happy with them!”

“Amazing pumps, perfect fit, and fantastic colors! Feraggios are delivered to your doorstep in a beautiful box with a lovely care kit. I love them!”

“I own four pairs of Feraggios and 5th pair its on the way! No more other overhyped, torturous high-end designer heel for me. From now on, it’s Feraggio only for me.”

“An absolute must-have for your staple wardrobe! The quality and the extreme comfortable footbed are exquisite. I got the Caffe Latte, and it goes with every outfit I own!”

“I went for Midnight Blue Feraggios because they’re so extremely elegant and timeless. My absolute favorite pair of heels!”

“Feraggio Heels are fantastic! The level of comfort is fantastic! I ‘m so happy to be able to actually wear heels again. I can’t wait to purchase a second pair!”

“Amazing pumps and extreme comfort. Enough said!”

“Absolutely beautiful heels! They give me the same amazing feeling that I have when I walk around with my designer bags. I love Feraggio!”

“The delivery of my heels was extremely quick, and that’s just another amazing plus point when it comes to the already amazing Feraggio brand!”

“Rarely do I come across a brand that has such a strong concept and such a great product. I’m a huge fan!”


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